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    An idyllic balance of urban life and natural beauty...

Four distinct seasons, a vibrant culture, and beautiful scenery abounding with trees, parks, lakes, and rivers make the Minneapolis-Saint Paul area a great place to live.  Moving your family or business to the Twin Cities area is an excellent choice.  In national surveys, Minnesota and the Twin Cities region are often picked as an ideal place to raise a family or grow a business. 

The Minneapolis-Saint Paul area received the coveted #2 city by Kiplinger's Personal Finance in its list of "50 Smart Places to Live" (June 2006).

Known together as the Twin Cities because of their close proximity and historical interconnectivity, Minneapolis and Saint Paul each have their own unique character.  Each city has its own thriving downtown area and offers a vast array of year-round entertainment and recreational activities.  In fact, the Twin Cities are often considered rivals in their quest to be better than the other at one thing or another.  Minneapolis has a reputation of catering to a hip, urban culture that are inclined toward fine wine and fine dining, whereas Saint Paul tends to be more nostalgic and down-to-earth catering to folks that prefer beer and bratwurst.  

The Twin Cities area encompasses a thirteen-county metropolitan region of approximately 2.6 million people.  More than half of all Minnesota residents live in the Twin Cities or the surrounding suburbs.

Minneapolis is the largest city in the state of Minnesota with an estimated population of over 387,000 people.  Minneapolis boasts a contemporary skyline, bustling economy, and easy-to-navigate downtown with its modern infrastructure.  Restaurants, cafes, and nightlife spots abound in the city.  Numerous opportunities for downtown living are available to Minneapolis real estate buyers, including many new loft and condo developments.  

Saint Paul is the capitol of Minnesota and the second largest city with an estimated population of over 287,000 people.  Saint Paul is characterized by historic buildings, Victorian mansions, and winding narrow streets.  With its working-class character, Saint Paul tends to run at a slower pace of life than Minneapolis.  Getting around Saint Paul is certainly not boring with its narrow, meandering roads - former Governor Jesse Ventura once jokingly remarked that Saint Paul's streets appeared to have been laid out by drunken Irishmen.  Saint Paul offers residents a city rich in history without compromising a modern lifestyle.  

Although there are many differences between Minneapolis and Saint Paul, each of the Twin Cities takes great pride in their own unique heritage and offers residents and visitors alike an abundance of attractions, entertainment venues, and beautiful scenery.  Parks, trails, and wildlife reserves encompass over 136,000 acres in the Twin Cities area.  You can take advantage of the extensive water views and plentiful recreation opportunities as the area is blessed with 950 lakes and the three major rivers that come together in the metro area: the Mississippi River, Minnesota River, and St Croix River.

Minneapolis real estate tends to reflect modern architecture, higher prices, and faster appreciation than Saint Paul real estate.  Saint Paul's housing market is often characterized by old-fashioned neighborhoods, more affordable housing options, and steadier appreciation values.  Whether you buy real estate in Minneapolis, Saint Paul, or any of the Twin Cities suburbs, you'll find you've made an excellent investment as the area consistently boasts a robust economy and a strong housing market.

For more detailed information about the various communities that make up the Twin Cities, use the navigation menu to the left or feel free to call us. Lakes | Sotheby's International Realty is your perfect resource for buying or selling real estate in the Twin Cities.  Contact us today to find out how we can save you money and find exactly what you are looking for. 


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