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Wed, Feb 26, 2014

Beating the Latest Winter Chill by Andy Asbury

Well, itís not exactly the news weíd like to hear, but it looks as though winter is not done with us quite yet. This week will continue offering highs barely above zero, and rumor has it that polar bears are starting to consider Minneapolis for their...

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Fri, Feb 07, 2014

Downtown St. Paul Welcomes The P... by Andy Asbury

Lately, itís seemed like Minneapolis has been getting all of the new-construction attention in the media. But that changed yesterday, with the opening of downtown Saint Paulís newest option in urban living. The Penfield, one of the Twin Citiesí lar...

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Thu, Feb 06, 2014

Minneapolis The Sophisticated! by Andy Asbury

Central Connecticut State University recently released it's annual survey of the most literate American cities, and it should come as no surprise that Minneapolis makes an impressive appearance. Drawing from multiple data sets, the study ranks Amer...

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Wed, Feb 05, 2014

Getting Fit in Minneapolis! by Andy Asbury

Weeks of drama culminated in a Minnesota native winning NBC's "Biggest Loser" challenge, and the $250,000 prize that came with her 150 pound loss. Even though you might not have that much weight to lose and almost definitely won't win a quarter of a ...

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Tue, Feb 04, 2014

A Huge "Win" for Downtown Minnea... by Andy Asbury

The under-used and overlooked Block E complex in downtown Minneapolis is set to be revamped and renamed, ushering in a new life for the downtown icon. According to a just-released report by the Star Tribune, Minnesota's Mayo Clinic will open a 20,0...

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Mon, Feb 03, 2014

Luxury Apartments Coming to The ... by Andy Asbury

According to documents recently released by the city of Minneapolis and reported on by the Southwest Journal, it appears as though the luxury apartment boom is spreading to the hip Wedge neighborhood. Although details are scarce, reports show a fiv...

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Thu, Jan 30, 2014

Blizzard Clean Up by Andy Asbury

With nearly six inches on the ground and another two or three on their way, Minneapolis residents are braving the cold to shovel off their sidewalks. For we, the hearty and strong of will, the brave souls who call winter-time Minnesota our home, refu...

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Wed, Jan 29, 2014

The Green Line Set to Open by Andy Asbury

When Minnesotaís newest commuter railway opens this year, it will be the culmination of more than a century of history. After all, Minneapolis and Saint Paul were made to be linked by rail. No, really: up until the mid-1950s, more than 500 miles of t...

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