Downtown Minneapolis Condos

Do you work in Downtown Minneapolis? Want to walk to work? These downtown Minneapolis condos are just a stones throw from thousands of employers. Check them out!

Downtown Minneapolis - Central Business District

Major American cities like Minneapolis pass through an endless succession of eras. These are often reflected in the nature of their downtowns at any given time. For Minneapolis, Downtown physically coalesced into the symbolic heart of the city during a phenomenal streak of growth in the 1880s. By the 1920s, Downtown had matured, marked by the offices of major locally based businesses, and signature department stores. Downtown Minneapolis transformed once again in the 1960s, into a corporate business center. In the 2000s, as Minneapolis corporate activity dispersed regionally and nationally, office development has been replaced by residential development of downtown Minneapolis condos. As in earlier eras, capitalizing on current changes will take vision and commitment, which are traditional attributes of Minneapolis civic leaders.

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  • Total Listings: 16
  • Minimum Price: $2,295
  • Maximum Price: $1,799,000