Uptown Minneapolis

Located within the larger Calhoun-Isles community, and part of the unofficial Uptown area, the East Calhoun neighborhood is located on the edge of Lake Calhoun. In addition to its lakeside location, the neighborhood includes a diverse mix of housing types, restaurants, shops and entertainment options. And yet for all the neighborhood’s economic activity, it has been a leader in environmental activity. The neighborhood has pioneered a number of programs in that regard, including one aimed at recycling organic waste and another to remind people to turn out lights to reduce energy consumption.

The Calhoun Area Residents Action Group, known commonly as CARAG, is in the heart of the unofficial community called Uptown. The neighborhood is well established – most of the houses within it were built before 1920.

With a western border made up almost exclusively of Lake of the Isles, tree-lined streets and an array of green space, the East Isles neighborhood of Minneapolis is at once quiet and serene with heavy influences from the nearby chain of lakes, while at the same time being vibrant and unabashedly urban. The latter characteristics are more in line with the neighborhood’s east and southern sides, home to a portion of the Uptown area of the city and its many bustling shops and trendy restaurants.

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