Downtown Minneapolis Condos and Lofts

Residential development in and around the Downtown Minneapolis real estate market has transformed the city's self-image. No longer is Minneapolis comprised of two separate realms, with a commercial downtown on one hand, and outlying residential neighborhoods on the other. A dozen new residential settings have been established Downtown, which has enabled the Downtown Minneapolis real estate area to develop into an authentic urban community in its own right.

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Downtown Minneapolis Condos & Lofts

The nature of major American cities like Minneapolis often changes through a succession of eras. Downtown Minneapolis became symbolic heart of the city during a phenomenal streak of growth in the 1880s, when large new structures coexisted with the comfortable homes of Minneapolis' pioneers. By the 1920s, Downtown had matured into a retail and commercial center marked by signature department stores and the offices buildings of major local businesses—the earlier houses had by now disappeared. Downtown transformed once again in the 1960s into a showcase corporate business center.

In the 2000s, as corporate activity dispersed regionally and nationally, office development has been replaced by residential development, including the growth of the Downtown Minneapolis lofts and condos market. As in earlier times, capitalizing on current changes and future potentials in the Minneapolis real estate market will take vision and commitment, which are traditional attributes of Minneapolis civic leaders.

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